Can I do my tax returns on my own?

Yes; however, we do not advise doing so because you might miss credits and not get your maximum refund.

What if I did my tax return with a different company last year?

We welcome your business regardless of your previous tax returns or status. We will also review your previous tax return and amend it to get maximum refund if needed for a small fee.

What is the difference between 1040EZ & 1040?

1040EZ is a simpler tax return form which has the following requirements: Single/Married filing Jointly, No Dependents, Under Age of 65, Only Wages (W-2), & Income Less than $100,000.

What is the difference between W-2 & 1099?

A W-2 is a Wage and Tax statement provided to employees. A 1099 is a generic term for about 17 different forms used for reporting different types of income.

Do I have to file a separate return with State & Federal Government?

Yes. We do separate State & Federal Returns for all our customers. We also do FREE 1040EZ Federal Returns Only!

Can I deduct my expenses from my Tax Return and which ones?

Yes. Unreimbursed employee expenses in “Schedule A” or all business related expenses in “Schedule C”

What’s the difference between personal return and a company tax return?

Sole proprietorship is in your 1040 as “Schedule C”, but Partnerships & Corporations are separate from your 1040 & require different IRS & State Forms.

Why should I use Accounting Family tax services instead of the other tax preparers?

We operate with minimal cost to ensure the lowest prices among competitors and have qualified stuff working under certified enroll agent’s control.